You know your work is special.

You’re just not sure
how to SAY it.

Hello coaches, service professionals, & small business owners…

Are you tired of sounding like everyone else?

Because here’s what I’ve noticed…

There are a lot of business owners & service professionals out there who do very similar things.

And they don’t know how to talk about what they do in a way that makes them STAND OUT.

You’ve probably noticed this, too.

You walk into a networking event or business event, and you join a group of people shaking hands and introducing themselves, giving their elevator pitches.

But before your turn comes around…

…someone else introduces herself…

…and, oh man.

Her elevator pitch sounds exactly like yours.

(Or maybe even better than yours.)

Now what?

You can’t say your normal thing. It’ll just sound like you’re copying her. But you can’t think of anything else to say.

So what do you do?

Maybe you do what most people do in that situation – you sell yourself short.

You laugh and say, “Oh, I do the same thing.”
Or you try to make up something else on the spot (and end up rambling incoherently).
Or you don’t even give your pitch. You let the conversation go on without really introducing yourself.

And then you walk out of that event, without the leads you were hoping for.

It’s the same story online, too. . .

  • You’ve seen countless websites that read exactly like your own. But you’re still not sure how to get YOUR personality into your writing.
  • Or maybe you feel like every idea you come up with for an article has already been written about a gajillion times. And even though you KNOW your opinion is slightly different, that YOU have something different to share, you’re just not sure how to say it.
  • Or maybe you join a new Facebook group FULL of people who are in your target market… only to discover 5 other people already in there, offering the exact same services you offer. And you can’t figure out how to make YOUR stuff stand out.

So what can you do?

How do you STAND OUT in a sea of people doing the same thing?

The answer, is this – the thing that’s gonna make you stand out is a having a Memorable Message.

And that’s what I teach my private clients when I take them through the Copy Luv Memorable Message System.

The Copy Luv Memorable Message System has 3 parts…

  1. Get super clear on your Point of View.

    Your Point of View is your opinion about your particular topic. It’s your unique angle on it. It gets people’s attention.

    (For those of you thinking, “but I don’t have a unique angle “– I call baloney. You might have trouble seeing it because you’re so “in” it all the time, but it IS there.

    Every single client I’ve worked with on this, we’ve been able to find a Point of View that they are passionate about. It just takes some digging, and some guidance from someone who knows how to find it.)

  2. Expand your Point of View into a larger message.

    A message that you can talk about in speaking events, or on your website.

    You want to take your Point of View and weave into everything you’re doing, so it becomes the thing that you’re known for.

  3. Know how to use your personal stories & life experiences to SUPPORT that message.

    Because your history has absolutely shaped who you are, the things you’ve learned, and the way you do things.

    These are the stories that you tell on your website, in your speaking events, in your articles, even in short social media posts.

    And there’s a way to craft those stories so they SUPPORT your core message and your Point of View.

    And when you’re able to use those stories to support your message, that’s when you’re REALLY able to connect with people in a powerful way.

I want you to imagine…

  • Standing up in front of a networking group, and – even if there were already 2 other people who do similar work – YOU are the one everyone remembers.
  • Having a headline on the homepage of your website that you love so much because it’s totally authentic. And when people visit your site, they tell you, “When I read your website, I knew you got it. I knew I wanted to work with you.”
  • Being able to come up with topics and titles for speaking gigs that get people excited to have you speak to their audiences. Because YOU have something different, and interesting.

That’s what you can create when you have a Memorable Message.

Which is why I’m thrilled to open enrollment for…

A 4-week, online program designed for business owners who are ready for their words to do justice to their amazing work.

Here’s what you’ll learn in
What To Say…

  • Use the Copy Luv Memorable Message System to discover your unique message AND how to deliver it in a way that gets your ideal client’s attention.
  • Craft a Point of View that differentiates you from everyone else doing similar work.
  • Identify the language that resonates most strongly with YOUR ideal clients (this is how you get them thinking, “Wow, she’s reading my mind!”)
  • Master your elevator pitch for a first impression that gets people asking for more information.
  • Create a Killer 2-Minute Intro you can use at any networking event to STAND OUT (my clients consistently tell me, “I tried what we came up with – and it worked!!”)
  • Infuse your website with your messaging, so everything is “on brand” and 100% YOU.
  • Learn how to use stories in a way that SUPPORTS your message – because stories connect with your prospects on a deeper level, and when you’re able to pull your message into those stories? THAT’s when people really start to understand how you’re unique.

So who am I, anyway?

WNTS 2016Q2 Opt-In Box A

Hi. I’m Cheryl Binnie.

I’m a copywriter + writing coach for entrepreneurs who want their writing to have a human, personal touch AND get their readers to take action.

And I’ll never forget the first time I nailed my own Memorable Message.

I was sponsoring at a big business event and had a spot where I spoke on stage to 200+ entrepreneurs.

And I had only recently gotten clear on my message.

See, I when I started my business, I just did copywriting for clients – where I wrote the words FOR them.

But for the previous 6 months or so, I’d been getting a lot of people coming to me, asking if they could work with me one-on-one on their own writing. So I started a sort of “Copy Coaching” side of my business.

And the thing I kept seeing was – they all needed (and wanted) stronger messaging.

Yes, they were interested in copywriting techniques. But really, they wanted to be able to TALK about their businesses in a compelling way.

So at this event, I was able to speak about this for the first time. I shared a story of how I helped a private client with her messaging, and how she immediately got 3 new clients who said to her, “I had no idea you understood what I was going through.”

When I stepped off the stage and went back to my table, I was swarmed by people saying, “I need your help” and “I need to talk to you.”

That’s when I realized – this is big. People really do need help with this.

That’s also when I realized just how powerful a Memorable Message could be… because I signed multiple thousands of dollars of work from that one event.

And that’s why I decided to take what I use with my private clients and put into a more accessible program… What To Say.

Before working with Cheryl, writing my own copy was extremely frustrating. My launches would flop, and I took it personally.

I knew who I wanted to work with but I didn’t know how to reach them. I wasn’t sure how to get someone to open their email, be engaged with what I was saying and take action and actually show up for my webinars.

I would sit in front of my computer screen for hours, stewing with anger and anxiety.

After my training sessions with Cheryl. . .

I’m able to connect with my tribe, get in their head, move them
to action and ultimately change their lives.

The best part is after my first launch working with Cheryl. . .

I had my first 5 figure month and since then have used the same skills and copy strategy to transform my business into 6 figures and beyond.

I enjoy writing now and connecting to my tribe and I feel confident in who and how to connect and find my people.

– Heather Chauvin, Parenting & Women’s Leadership Coach

Here’s how What To Say works…

It’s 4 weeks long, so you can get up & running quickly – so that, within 4 weeks of our first class, you’ll be crystal clear on your message. (Class #1 is Tuesday, May 24th.)

Each week, we have a group class where I teach you the material LIVE.
The classes will be taught on live webinars, so you can see my screen & follow along with my examples & templates.

Live Q&A on every class!
Each class will end with Q&A, so you can ask me your specific questions directly.

You also get…

  • Recordings of every class – so if you can’t catch a class (or even if you can’t catch ANY of the classes), you can still listen to the recordings on your own time, at your own pace. Download them + add them to your reference library, so you can refer back to them forever.
  • Handouts, Templates, Cheat Sheets, Scripts & Checklists – the very resources I use both in my own business and with my private clients, so you can tackle your message, without having to forfeit your own authentic voice & style.
Working with Cheryl has been an absolute blast!

She has an uncanny ability
to make the dreaded-writing process fun and uplifting

…as well as capture the BEST version of someone’s voice with a fun, persuasive style that you can’t help but want to read.

– Bonnie Fahy, Creator of Source it!, and The ‘O’ Word Expert

Let’s get down to business…

Normally, you would have to hire me for private coaching for this information, which costs about $2,400.

But I’ve had SO MANY people come to me, needing help on this exact subject, that I decided to create a program that makes this information more accessible.

So you can join us in What To Say for $495.
(Or 2 payments of $265 – or 3 payments of $189)

AND… when you join, you also get access to…

Special Bonus:

The Copy Luv Follow-Up System

Email Templates to Take Your New Leads
from Lukewarm to HOT
(a $47 value)

Because one of the biggest things that stop entrepreneurs from making money is… following up with people.

You’re at a networking event…

… you make some great contacts (especially once you figure out how to talk about your business in a compelling way, thanks to the training in What To Say – **wink, wink**)…

… now what?

If you’re like most business owners I know, it takes you forever to follow up – if ever!

Instead, you’re leaving money on the table… usually in the form of a stack of business cards that keep nagging at you.

But you WANT to follow up. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to turn your new contacts into clients.

So I’ve created this guide specifically for my What To Say students – and you get it FREE when you join.

So once you start attracting potential clients with your messaging – you’ll be able to follow up without feeling awkward or pushy.

Are you ready to…
discover your unique message + learn how to talk about your business in a way that resonates with your ideal clients?

You're invited!

Class #1 is Tuesday, May 24th, 2016.

Select your investment option below to get started.



The webinar was sooooooooo awesome! YOU ROCK!!!!

You are really excellent at identifying the pain and painting the solution while integrating stories. It was fun and jam-packed with TONs of takeaways.

I’m totally in love with the templates you created.
I can’t wait to try them out!

It’s no surprise as the fabulous businesswoman and copywriter that you are, but just wanted to let you know. Go Cheryl, go Cheryl, go go go!!!!

– Christina Salerno, Founder of Living Quirky

You absolutely nailed it!

Not only was your material great, but you have such a wonderfully engaging and gracious way of speaking and interacting with [attendees].

I could feel each one positively glowing as you spoke with them.

– Liz Gilson Aaron, Client Concierge, Revenue Breakthrough

Cheryl really gets it. She has a way of turning a dense legal topic into a friendly conversation with readers. I think it is magical.

We get compliments and new business
every time a newsletter goes out!

She draws out teaching points and highlights important information in a way that is fun and easy to read. I don’t know how she does it.

She is a great coach and a strategist. Working with her is a joy!

– Elena Volkova, Esq., owner of Volkova Law Group PLLC

Got Questions?
Let’s see if I can answer them here…

Q. What if I don’t have the money right now?

I get that. That’s one of the reasons why I have the 2-pay option, so you can pay 30 days apart.

But here’s the other thing – when you get your message clear, it makes possible that moment where you walk into an event, and you say something that resonates with the person in front of you, and she says, “Oh, that’s me.” or “Oh, you have to help my sister.”

So it’s not really CAN you afford this program. It’s how can you NOT afford it? Because think of all the times you left money on the table, because you had the perfect client in front of you, but you didn’t have the message.

This program is going to serve you over and over again to make sure you never miss an opportunity again – because you won’t be stumbling over your words for how to describe what you do.

Q. I’m a bad writer. How can this program help?

I want you to get that you CAN be a good writer. Writing is learned. No one is BORN a good writer. (Heck, we’re not even born knowing how to hold a pencil or string letters together.)

I’ve turned lots of “bad” writers into good writers. So good, in fact, that they regularly get new clients from their newsletters!

And the great thing about copywriting is that it’s NOT AT ALL like any kind of writing you ever did in school.

If you’ve got a good story, or an opinion about something in your field, or knowledge about something your ideal clients want to know, then you can write a good message.

(And trust me – you DO have stories, opinions, and knowledge… and your people want to hear them!)

Q. How much 1-to-1 attention will I get?

Truth is – this IS a group program. (Working with me in private is quite a bit more of an investment.)

Good news is – there will be live Q&A at the end of each class, so you can get my brain directly on your Qs.

Q. What if I have to miss a class?

No sweat. Every class will be recorded, so you can access it + download it to watch at your own pace.

If you have questions and are worried about missing a Q&A segment, you can email your Qs to me in advance, and I’ll answer them in the next class.

Q. Will this take a lot of time?

Each class will last 60 minutes (up to 90 minutes if we’ve got some juicy Q&A going). So the course itself doesn’t take much time.

And during each class, I’ll be walking you through the exercises, so there won’t be much homework, unless you want to go the extra mile on your own with all the extra resources I’m throwing in.

Q. What if I’m already in a different coaching program for my business?

Awesome! Good for you! I totally recommend having a business coach who can work with you on the overall strategy for your business.

You can think of What To Say as an “add-on,” to help you implement some of the things your coach has probably told you to do. (It’s also why I kept the investment as low as I did – because serious business owners are already making other investments. I wanted to make it easy for you to use What To Say to supplement what you’re already learning).

Q. What if I’m just getting started with my business?

That’s great! You can actually start out ahead of the curve. Most people stumble over their messaging for a couple years… and then they think, “Geez. If only I had started earlier.”

I’ll show you how to get started at ANY stage of business… even if you don’t have a website yet!

Let’s sum up what you get in
What To Say…

  • 4 LIVE training webinars, where I walk you through each lesson.
  • Live Q&A at the end of each class, so you can ask me your questions directly.
  • Recordings of all 4 classes, so you can download them & go through the material at your own pace.
  • Handouts, Templates, Checklist, Cheat Sheets, Scripts, and more – all of my best material to help you get crystal clear on your message & how to use it
  • Special Bonus: The Copy Luv Follow-Up System: Email Templates to Take Your New Leads from Lukewarm to HOT (a $47 value)

Class #1 is Tuesday, May 24th, 2016.

Select your investment option below to get started.



So this is it.

Decision time, my love.

Are you ready to craft a killer message? Something that will REALLY help you stand out? Something that you can get excited about?

Are you ready to take that message and infuse it into all of your writing – speaking events, your website, social media, podcast scripts – so that you’ll have a powerful platform to stand on?

Because having a Memorable Message is what causes people to really GET what you do. And they’ll be excited to work with you because they can see that YOU have something special.

Are you going to join us + be on your way to better, more effective, & more authentic messaging in just 4 short weeks?

Because your people are waiting to hear from you… the REAL you.

Hope to see you inside.


Cheryl, This is a slam-dunk, as is all your work.

Once again you have done not only a wonderful job
with the materials, but have even added more value and possibilities to it.

We are so thrilled to be working with you. You’re brilliant – we’re giddy. Need I say more?

– Drs. Ron & Carol Stotts

I’m so glad we had our call yesterday.
It was very energizing and this was a JOY to write.

– Bonnie Fahy, Creator of Source it!, and The ‘O’ Word Expert