VIP Day & Copy Coaching

The 2014
End-of-Year Special

Projects that require a bunch of writing
scare the bejeezus out of a lot
of business owners.

I’m talking projects like…

  • Launching a program (even if you done a launch before, it can still feel like a huge task with a million moving pieces)
  • Writing (or rewriting) a website
  • Creating a killer free gift + a nurture sequence to introduce your new readers to you and your work
  • Planning an editorial calendar for the whole year, so you always know what to write for your newsletters and when
  • Sitting down to figure out what your messaging is, and how you can actually talk about what you do in a way that connects with your ideal clients

These are the kinds of projects that get pushed back… and back… and back…

…until you realize the extra cashflow you were counting on in September still hasn’t shown up yet, and it’s now December.

What’s the deal? Why do you keep coming up with these great ideas – ideas that could totally change the course of your business – and then sit on them for months and months?

It’s usually because of one or a combination of the following…

  • You don’t know WHAT is involved or needed for your project (“I know I need a sales page… and aren’t there usually emails? How does that work?”)
  • You have a list of all the moving pieces (“Holy crap, I need how much copy?”), but you have no idea WHERE to start.
  • You underestimate the amount of TIME the project takes (“What? I should’ve been prepping that far in advance? Well shoot, it’s too late to start now.”)
  • You have no idea what to SAY in the copy (“I kind of have my elevator pitch, but I can’t exactly stretch that out into an entire email campaign.”)

… Or, even if you DO know all of the above, there’s this endlessly entertaining thing called procrastination that waltzes in each time you think the words, “I really need to get started on…”

Any of that sound familiar?

If you know you have some projects on your list for 2015 that you’re either unsure how to do, or think you maybe (okay, most likely) will procrastinate on, then I’d like to invite you to take advantage of the fact that I absolutely LOVE helping biz owners like you get on top of their writing projects.


From now until the end of December, I’m offering
$1,500 off Copy Luv VIP Days
$500 off my Copy Coaching program.

Want to talk me about this special offer?

Copy Luv VIP Days ($1,500 off)

This is a powerful day (or evening) where I work with you, 1-on-1, to make sure you are crystal clear on everything you need in order to complete your upcoming project.

I come in with a plan, customized for you, and we tackle whatever you have on your plate. When the day is over, you walk away with a whole lot of clarity, crazy momentum, and a precise game plan to keep yourself moving.

Copy Coaching ($500 off)

This is a private 3-month program, where you and I work through an entire project. We’ll plan everything together and brainstorm the copy together. Then you get to write the actual copy, and we come back together to review it and talk about how to make it stronger.

(This program is great if you’re doing your first launch and need someone to hold your hand + hold you accountable while walking you through the launch process.)

Here are the kinds of projects we can cover in a VIP Day or Copy Coaching program…

  • Your Message

    Everything from your Point of View, to how that Point of View affects your messaging and content, to your unique vocabulary.

  • Your Next Launch

    Planning the calendar, figuring out the theme and vision, & brainstorming all the stories and teaching points for your emails, sales page and preview call.

  • Newsletters for a Year

    Yep. We can figure out all of your newsletters in your editorial calendar for the whole year, and how you can warm up your readers for each launch before it even begins.

  • Review Your Website

    We walk through your entire website together, and I give detailed feedback on how to make it stronger, clearer, & easier for your readers to navigate. We’ll also talk about how to rewrite the pages, so you walk away with rough copy in your hands.

  • Your Signature Talk

    Not sure what to teach at speaking events, teleseminars and telesummits? Or not sure if the talk you have is up to snuff? Let’s work on it together!

  • …and more!

    Because the truth is – without 1-on-1 help, tailored for your specific situations, you move kinda… well, slowly.

    It’s easy to get lost in confusion (Wait, what do I do next?) and doubt (Am I doing this right?). Or throw your very own Procrastination Party (I’ve got plenty of time!).

    But when you’re ready to get a LOT done as quickly as possible, you need specific, 1-on-1, customized help.

    During a VIP Day or private Copy Coaching program with Cheryl, you get clarity, strategy, and action steps that you know are all designed for you, and you alone.

    To talk to me about YOUR project(s) and whether or not a VIP Day or Copy Coaching program is a good fit for you right now, just click that button below.

    You’ll be taken to a super short form to fill out, and then you’ll be given a link to my calendar.

    Hope to talk soon!


    P.S. Even if you don’t do your VIP Day or start your Copy Coaching program before December 31, if you sign up before then and put down your deposit, you still get the savings.