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How to Get Comfortable Telling Personal Stories in Your Business (even if you’re scared to share!)

What are you most afraid of in your business? Is it technology (for doing, say, a webinar or Facebook Live video)? Speaking on stages? Sales calls and enrollment conversations? All of the above are super common fears in the entrepreneurial world. But one major fear I see ALL.THE.TIME. (but that doesn’t get talked about very… Read more »

How to Craft Your Signature Story: A step-by-step breakdown for powerful stories (+ where to use them in your business)

Business Stories

Ever notice how there’s so much hype in the marketing world about STORIES? Well, there’s good reason behind it… Stories are an incredible tool to communicate who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. Scientifically speaking, stories are attention-grabbers and have the power to activate our whole brain, evoking sensory experiences and… Read more »

How to Tell the Story Your Ideal Clients REALLY Need to Hear

How to Tell the Story Your Ideal Clients REALLY Need to Hear from You

Let’s talk about your story. And I mean, your Story. The one you use on your website, in your speaking events, in your marketing material, and more. The one you use to introduce yourself and the reason WHY you started your business. Because one of the fastest ways to connect with your audience is by… Read more »