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One Simple (but Hidden) Spot to Add Personality to Your Copy

One Simple Spot to Add Personality to Your Copy

Picture this… An ideal client signs up for your free gift (and in so doing, opts in to your newsletter). Hot dang Happy New Year. You must’ve made a good impression already. Two things happen right away – her browser takes her to a Thank You page. she receives an automatic confirmation email. And, if… Read more »

How to write for skimmers (i.e. how to get more people to actually read your content)

How to Write Content for Skimmers (i.e. how to get more people to actually read your content)

It may not be nice to think about… …but no matter how captivating our articles are… …your readers WON’T read every single word. And you can’t blame them. How often do YOU read an entire webpage or article, word for word, without skipping anything? (I’m betting not very often.) When people are browsing the internet,… Read more »

Are Your Website Visitors Lost? (here’s how to take care of them…)

How to Guide Your Website Visitors through Your Site

So I need to update my credit card information for a recurring payment. No biggie. We all know how to do that online. I go to the company’s website, log on to my Member’s Area, find the Billing Information page, see that they indeed have an old number on file for me… and then… and… Read more »

Is Your Copy A Smarty­Pants? (How you may be alienating your readers without even realizing it)

Is Your Website Copy a Smarty-Pants? (How you may be alienating your readers with jargon)

Have you ever been in a conversation where someone keeps talking in jargon? Where they throw out unfamiliar words & phrases without explanation? And it’s clear to you (and everyone else in the group) that the only person who understands the conversation… is the person talking? You can humor them, or ask clarifying questions. But it… Read more »