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11 Networking Tips for the Shy, Introverted or Socially Awkward

We’re taking a little detour from messaging, emails and web pages… …to talk about putting yourself out there, even when it feels like torture. Why? Well, I received an email from a reader of the blog that really touched my heart… I’m an introvert. How can I overcome this shyness thing? I can be in… Read more »

10 Types of Free Gifts to Grow Your Email List

What IS the free gift anyway? Sometimes called a … Freebie Lead Magnet Opt-In Incentive Reader Magnet No matter what you call it, it’s the free resource someone gets when they sign up (“opt in”) for your email list. More importantly, it’s the reason people sign up for your email list. They want the free… Read more »

How to Get Comfortable Telling Personal Stories in Your Business (even if you’re scared to share!)

What are you most afraid of in your business? Is it technology (for doing, say, a webinar or Facebook Live video)? Speaking on stages? Sales calls and enrollment conversations? All of the above are super common fears in the entrepreneurial world. But one major fear I see ALL.THE.TIME. (but that doesn’t get talked about very… Read more »