Let’s nail your message

& rock your copy.

When a new lead finds you online, her first experience of you involves reading your content.
In many cases, she won’t even talk to you until after she has read your copy.

Which means your copy should work for you.

  • It should sound like you – the fun, trustworthy, butt-kicking entrepreneur you are.
  • It should engage + build rapport – it’s all about that “Know, Like, and Trust Factor.”
  • It should speak directly to your ideal client – so you end up booking yourself solid with clients that you love.

More than that?

It should get your reader to take an action.

(So she can turn into your new client.)

See, there’s a lot of beautifully written copy out there that doesn’t actually get the reader to DO anything.

You need copy that guides your reader through the stages of doing business with you – first impression, building a relationship, hiring you (+ hiring you again), and telling all her friends about you.

You want to help your reader take the appropriate action, every step of the way. You want to take care of your reader, so she never gets lost or confused.

When your message & copy are engaging, targeted, clear, AND persuasive – suddenly your words start working for you. . .

  • Your copy sells for you – which means you get more clients without having to do as many sales conversations.
  • You build an audience of raving fans – because your readers GET what you do.
  • You’re able to leverage your online marketing because your material has a strategy – which means less work in the long run.

Sound good?

Here’s how I work with my clients…

Done WITH You Copywriting

A private program where we write your copy together (& you learn some awesome copy skills along the way)

Writing copy for your business is a skill that every business owner needs to have.
Doesn’t matter how big you plan on getting – there will always be times where you will need to write for your business.

And if you haven’t written much (or any) copy for your business yet, I highly recommend that you do so before trying to hire that work out to someone else.

But I get it. Writing copy isn’t a skillset we all just magically acquire as soon as we decide to start a business.

And the truth is. . .

Writing copy for the internet is way different from the kind of writing you learned in school.

The way people read online material is different from how they read printed material. If you want to have copy that forms a connection with your readers and gets them to take action, then you have to understand how people read online, and how to take care of them.

Don’t worry – it’s not manipulation, and it’s not slimy-salesy, but there’s certainly a lot of strategy involved.

If you get that you need to learn these skills, but have no idea where to start, I can walk you through the process of writing the material for your launch, your website, an email campaign, a nurture sequence – any kind of copywriting project you may have on your plate.

Here’s how it works…

The cornerstone of the Copy Luv system is to start by nailing your MESSAGE.

Because that’s where everything else – your website copy, emails, blog articles, launch material, social media posts, etc. – stems from.

So, I always start your program by getting clear on your target market, their problems & desires, your message, and how to communicate that message in a way that resonates with your target market.

From there, we can tackle any projects you have coming up – together.

Mix n’ Match!

Choose from ANY projects on your plate (at any time):

  • Stories
  • Messaging & Point of View
  • Speaking Event Scripts
  • Sales Page Copy
  • Website Copy
  • Email Nurture Sequences
  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Newsletters
  • Launches
  • Video & Webinar Scripts
  • Blog Articles

…and more! If your project isn’t on this list, ask me – there’s a good chance I can help you with it.

This program is like having me in your back pocket to get your stuff done + learn more about effective writing as we go.

Now, we may not be able to do EVERYTHING on your list, depending on what size program you opt for.

But I can give you an idea of how much we tackle during our time together.

Want to find out more?
Need to get an expert opinion?
Just want to get a feel for my “vibe”?

Let’s talk.

The first step to deciding if you’d like to work with me is to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session.

In this private call, we’ll talk about you, your business, and your upcoming projects. I’ll then give you my ideas and recommendations. If it seems like my program would be a good fit for you, we’ll talk about it, and you can ask me all your questions. 🙂

Schedule your free Strategy Session here

You’ll be taken to my calendar where you can pick a day and time that works for you.

(Note: There’s no obligation to hire me at the end of your session, but you will walk away with some clarity about what you need to do to make your next project a success.)

Self-Study Online Courses

‘Cause sometimes you just wanna dive in and learn something on your own.

Over the years, I’ve developed quite a few systems to help my private clients learn how to write their own impactful copy, tell their own inspiring stories, and craft their own powerful messages.

Now, you can learn those exact systems in the Copy Luv Courses.