One Simple (but Hidden) Spot to Add Personality to Your Copy
by Cheryl Binnie

Picture this…

An ideal client signs up for your free gift (and in so doing, opts in to your newsletter).

Hot dang Happy New Year.

You must’ve made a good impression already.

Two things happen right away –

  • her browser takes her to a Thank You page.
  • she receives an automatic confirmation email.

And, if you’ve left those 2 things as the default copy, it probably sounds something like this…

Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber. We appreciate hearing from you. Let us know if you ever have any questions.

This, my dear, is a perfect example of “What Not To Write.”

It doesn’t sound like you.

It’s not exciting.

And it certainly doesn’t feel special… even though your ideal client just took the action your website worked so hard to get her to take. (That action deserves a special message!)

Sure, it’s not the end of the world if you use the default copy… but it’s a prime place to surprise + delight.

Pop Quiz:

What does the copy on YOUR Thank You page
& in YOUR confirmation email say?

(ANY Thank You page or confirmation email – for your newsletter, for a paid product, for your online calendar appointments… anywhere someone sees a “thank you” message.​)

Did you just leave it as the default copy provided by your software service?

Does it sound something like the “What Not To Write” example above?

If so (or if you’re not sure), change it.

Don’t worry. This is easy. It doesn’t have to be a work of art.

There are just 3 things to keep in mind…

1. Congratulate her!

Reaffirm her decision to sign up for your gift / buy your program / grab a spot on your calendar.

Use whatever language you would actually use…

Congrats! You’re in.

Just avoid using “Welcome.” It might seem like a safe staple… but that’s all it is.

Instead, try to find some words or phrases that have the right energy you want to convey.

2. Give her some help – so your email doesn’t get lost.

Tell her the gift is on its way to her inbox.

Tell her where to reach you or your team if she has trouble finding it.

And include a note for Gmail users…

If you use Gmail, my email might end up in your “Promotions” tab. If it does, simply drag that email over to the “Primary” tab and drop! When Gmail asks if you’d like to make this change permanent, click “yes” so you don’t miss any of the other goodies I’ll be sending!

3. Give her a “next step.”

Congratulations! You have someone who just raised her hand for more of YOU.

Now, tell her what to do next… otherwise, she’ll probably click away from your site and forget about you for a while.

Instead, invite her connect with you on Social Media, or to check out some of your most popular blog posts, or to read your story on the About page.

Just make sure to give links for whatever you want her to do – don’t assume that she’ll just go find the tab in your navigation bar.

So how about it?

Can you think of any pages or emails that could use some magic pixie dust?

One more place to watch out for boring “default copy” – the form on your Contact page.

Most contact forms are… well, boring. And honestly, they can be intimidating for someone who is nervous about reaching out to you.

See if you can add some pizzazz to yours. (Check out mine for ideas).

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