How To Work With A Copywriter

(All the questions you feel silly asking
…answered by a copywriter)

A complimentary no-holds-barred web class
with Cheryl Binnie of Copy Luv
Wed, Nov 12th 7pm ET

Yes, Cheryl. I’d like to work with a copywriter someday…but I have no idea what to expect or look for.
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Wouldn’t it be nice to…

  • Receive a brand new article for your newsletter every week… that you didn’t have to write?
  • Get a sales letter for your next launch that captures the full essence of your program, your voice, AND what you truly believe… that you didn’t have to write?
  • Have copy for your ENTIRE launch (opt-in page, JV packet, all of the promo emails, & the sales letter itself)… none of which you had to write?

Imagine not having to stay up till 11pm to finish your newsletter. Or not pushing back your launch (again) because you’re still working on the copy. Imagine not having to figure out how to write a sales letter in the first place…

…Because you work with a copywriter.

That is the dream.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have also experienced the nightmare…

You have a call or two with your new copywriter.
She seems like a fun gal.
Then you get the 1st draft of copy
(the copy you’re paying for)…

…and it doesn’t sound like you.
You go back and forth 5 times.
It still doesn’t sound like you.

Or it comes in late.
Or it doesn’t fit your team’s schedule.
Or it just. doesn’t. work.

The thing is – when people think about hiring a copywriter, they see the dream and worry about the nightmare.

But guess what?

There’s a way to avoid the nightmare.
It’s just that no one ever talks about what working with a copywriter is like.

So while most business owners have heard that
they “should” work with a copywriter…
…they’re totally in the dark about how it actually works,
or about how to make it EASY.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for…

How To Work With A Copywriter

(All the questions you feel silly asking…
answered by a copywriter)

A complimentary no-holds-barred web class
with Cheryl Binnie of Copy Luv
Wed, Nov 12th 7pm ET

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During this web class, I’ll show you what it COULD be like to get the writing off your plate, & I’ll show you HOW to work with a copywriter, from the hiring phase, all the way to the final draft.

Join me for this behind-the-scenes conversation where we’ll cover…

  • What questions to ask while interviewing copywriters – so you can find the right fit for both your voice & your budget.
  • How to train your copywriter to write in your voice – so you can feel comfortable trusting her with your audience.
  • The good times to hire a copywriter…and the times you could probably wait.
  • What to expect from the copywriting process – and what to look out for.
  • How to give feedback – so you don’t keep going back and forth on endless revisions.
  • Sound like it’s up your alley?

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    Cheryl, owner of, helps coaches and online businesses write web copy that builds relationships and inspires action – with a human voice. As a copywriter, Cheryl writes for business owners who don’t have time to write it all themselves. As a writing coach, she teaches successful entrepreneurs and coaches how to write their own web copy in a way that’s engaging and full of personality, but still gets the reader to take an action. Cheryl’s copywriting superpower is listening and asking the right questions, to help her clients dig deeper in the stories they tell. This way, she not only captures her clients’ voices, but she also creates an overall campaign that is highly targeted and unique. She is based in New York, NY. Her clients are based around the world.