How to Tell the Story Your Ideal Clients REALLY Need to Hear
by Cheryl Binnie

Let’s talk about your story.

And I mean, your Story.

The one you use on your website, in your speaking events, in your marketing material, and more.

The one you use to introduce yourself and the reason WHY you started your business.

Because one of the fastest ways to connect with your audience is by sharing your Story.

It shows that you’re a human being, rather than a dry list of credentials.

And it has the power to make your ideal clients think, “Oh, wow. She GETS it. She knows what I’m going through.”

In order to do that, though, you have to get super clear on WHICH story to tell.

Because we’ve all experienced something like this…

  • You meet someone at an event. She tells you what she does. And you ask her, “How did you get into that?”…
  • Or you listen to a teleseminar or attend a live event, and you know the speaker is about to tell you her Story…
  • Or you look through someone’s website, and you click on the “About Me” page…

… And she tells you her entire life story. In chronological order.

“Well, I grew up in Texas with 2 brothers. Went to college in Arizona, where I majored in Biology because I didn’t know what else to do, and that was the only science I liked in high school. After I graduated, I got a job in corporate…”

And all the while, you’re thinking, “Okay, but what does this have to do with what she’s doing now?”

By the time she gets to the part where she discovered her true passion, or came up with the idea for her business, you’ve stopped listening.

We’ve all seen this happen.

But here’s the Uncomfortable Truth…

We’ve all DONE this.

Because we’re not sure WHICH story to tell. Or HOW to tell our story in a way that’s engaging.

So, are you ready for the solution?

Here you go…

  • First – don’t just pick any old story. And don’t just give us the Timeline of Your Life.
  • Instead – Identify the story that your potential clients need to hear RIGHT NOW, in order to realize that YOU are the person they need to work with.
  • Ask yourself – Did you go through a similar struggle they’re going through? Tell us about THAT, not the 5 jobs you had before you started your relationship coaching business. And don’t gloss over the details. Let us know that you totally understand our pain by describing what it was like for you. Then tell us how you turned it around.
  • Or have you always been good at the thing your market struggles with? Maybe you realized that you can help people with it. Tell us the story of what caused THAT realization, and let us know there’s another way. Take a stand for what you believe in!

Once you’ve pieced your story together, plug into your About Page. Try using it as your intro story the next time you do a speaking event or teach a teleclass.

Don’t be afraid to get personal. Because people do business with people.

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