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How To Create “Cornerstone Content” that Gives New Website Visitors a Stellar First Impression

A smiling woman in a black leather jacket, with the text on a purple background that reads, How to create "Cornerstone Content" that gives new leads a stellar first impression.

Often when I work with clients on their content marketing, they want a whole slew of ideas for what to write. But the thing I want them to have, first and foremost, is their cornerstone content. “What’s that?” you ask? In short, it’s the most important content on your website.  It’s the content that you… Read more »

All About Writing Your About Page

How to Write Your About Page - with a free Write Your Website Checklist

“How do I write my About Page?” I hear this question all the time. When I work with clients… chat with entrepreneurs… or travel to conferences… …basically, anytime someone finds out that I’m a copywriter. Maybe you’ve had the same questions and concerns… “I’m not sure how much of my story to share.” “How long… Read more »

7 Webpages Your Business Website Needs (and what to write on them)

7 Webpages Your Business Website Needs

The #1 question I get when I talk to business owners about creating a new website is… “What pages does my website need?” Good news is – for a basic website that gives enough information to get a visitor to take the next step (i.e., call you, email you, sign up for a session with… Read more »