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How to write for skimmers (i.e. how to get more people to actually read your content)

How to Write Content for Skimmers (i.e. how to get more people to actually read your content)

It may not be nice to think about… …but no matter how captivating our articles are… …your readers WON’T read every single word. And you can’t blame them. How often do YOU read an entire webpage or article, word for word, without skipping anything? (I’m betting not very often.) When people are browsing the internet,… Read more »

Are Your Website Visitors Lost? (here’s how to take care of them…)

How to Guide Your Website Visitors through Your Site

So I need to update my credit card information for a recurring payment. No biggie. We all know how to do that online. I go to the company’s website, log on to my Member’s Area, find the Billing Information page, see that they indeed have an old number on file for me… and then… and… Read more »

I was all set for my webinar when all of a sudden…

You know those times when you have a plan… …and it’s a pretty darn good one… …and then it all just goes KABLOOIE!… …and your most intelligent first thought is, “Wait. What?” I had one of those last Thursday. The technology I was using to host my “How to Work with A Copywriter” webinar stopped working… Read more »

3 Simple Tips to Wipe Out Eye Drag

When fellow business owners find out I’m a copywriter, they tend to tell me about how difficult writing is for them. In fact, one of the comments I hear most often is, “I just never know how to edit it, to make it better.” So when they send out that newsletter, or post that blog… Read more »