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7 Ways to Repurpose Every Piece of Content You Create (for increased traffic, engagement, & sales!)

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for More Traffic, Engagement, & Sales

You’re creating content! Woohoo! Blog posts, social media posts, videos, Lives, email newsletters, podcasts, and more. Yay! But the problem is – most pieces of content you create have a short shelf life. As in, you create it… and for the first day or two, people see it (maybe)… and that’s it. Done. You post… Read more »

10 Tips to Finally WRITE + CREATE all those Projects You’ve Been Procrastinating On

10 Tips to Finally WRITE + CREATE all those Projects You've Been Procrastinating On

Most entrepreneurs I know started their business because they were EXCITED about it. They’d found work that they loved doing or knowledge they possessed, or a passion they’d learned about… and were thrilled by the idea that someone might pay them for it. But once they got started on the whole Build-The-Business part, there were… Read more »

How to Start (or Re-Start) Your Email Newsletter

Welcome, newsletter mavens! Congratulations on making the commitment to work on your email newsletter. It’s uber important. Why? Because your email newsletter… Reminds your subscribers that you exist. (Even if they don’t open all… or any… of your emails, just seeing your name in their inbox reminds that you’re out there, ready and willing to… Read more »