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How To Create “Cornerstone Content” that Gives New Website Visitors a Stellar First Impression

A smiling woman in a black leather jacket, with the text on a purple background that reads, How to create "Cornerstone Content" that gives new leads a stellar first impression.

Often when I work with clients on their content marketing, they want a whole slew of ideas for what to write. But the thing I want them to have, first and foremost, is their cornerstone content. “What’s that?” you ask? In short, it’s the most important content on your website.  It’s the content that you… Read more »

7 Ways to Repurpose Every Piece of Content You Create (for increased traffic, engagement, & sales!)

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content for More Traffic, Engagement, & Sales

You’re creating content! Woohoo! Blog posts, social media posts, videos, Lives, email newsletters, podcasts, and more. Yay! But the problem is – most pieces of content you create have a short shelf life. As in, you create it… and for the first day or two, people see it (maybe)… and that’s it. Done. You post… Read more »

How to Get Powerful Testimonials (plus, where and how to use them)

Article title image: How to Get Powerful Testimonials (plus, where and how to use them)

Ever get a loving, glowing testimonial… that’s way too long, rambling, and messy to use? In this article, I’m gonna show you how to create a testimonial-gathering system that gets the right words and phrases out of your clients, plus removes your emotional resistance, PLUS shows you how to turn those beautifully incoherent rave reviews into something that actually HELPS potential customers understand what’s so great about you.