What is Copy Luv about?

Copy Luv is about loving the words that represent you and your business.

It’s not about having copy that makes you think, “Meh. . . That’ll be okay for now.”

It’s about abso-freakin’-lutely LOVING your copy.

It’s also about sharing your love and passion for what you do — in a way that takes care of your clients and prospects.

Your words can give your people a sense of relief, a sense of, “Wow, it’s gonna be okay. I can do this.”

You have amazing gifts and knowledge to share with the world. But if your words don’t show that, you’re missing the chance to take care of people — because those people will never quite get that you could absolutely change their lives.

Who is Copy Luv?

Copy Luv was founded by Cheryl Binnie.

That’s me!

I’m a Direct Response Copywriter — which means I write copy that gets people to take an action (like sign up, or click a link, or buy a program).

So I write copy that takes care of you and your business.

But even more than that, I write copy that takes care of your people.

I’ll get to the more personal “About Me” section in a minute. But first, I’d like to talk about you.

Let’s see if this sounds like you. . .

My clients are passionate about their businesses and LOVE what they do. They are movers and shakers in their own fields, and are excited about growing their businesses and reaching more people.

We may be a good fit if. . .

  • You help people see how brilliant they already are . . . And you show them how to harness that brilliance to make their dreams come true.
  • You often laugh (and maybe even shed an occasional tear) with your clients.
  • You believe in being authentic and telling your audience when you’ve made a mistake that affects them.
  • Your clients tend to be people who want transformation — in their health, businesses, relationships, and lives in general.
  • You believe in (and get excited by) the idea of endless possibilities for yourself, your loved ones, your biz, and your clients.

We may not be a good fit if . . .

  • You think laughter has no place in business. I believe you can absolutely have fun while tackling serious subjects. You can laugh while being professional and accountable. You can even use smiley faces. 🙂 If that doesn’t sit well with you, that’s fine. You just might need a different copywriter.
  • You’re selling something you don’t actually believe in.
  • You need someone to be fully available to you during your office hours. I love working with numerous clients and projects at a time (in different time zones), so I’m not always able to hop on the phone at the drop of a hat. That said, I do try to make myself as available as possible.

It’s okay if . . .

  • Your project is kind of last-minute. It never hurts to ask. I just might have an opening.
  • You’re not sure what you’d want me to write. We can talk about what you have in place and where you have possibilities for growth. We can also talk about whether or not I’m actually a good option for you, or if you could/should do those things on your own or with someone else.
  • You normally write your own copy (or already have a “regular” copywriter), but you need some extra resources right now.

Okay? Lovely.

Now, if you’re good with everything up there and want to see what kind of services I offer. . .

Or, if you’re still curious about me, here ya go. . .

Loves & Passions

Books: I devour them!

Writing: Not just copywriting. I also have some Young Adult Fiction (or “teen lit”) projects in the works.

Fitness: Running, weight-lifting, rock climbing, and just moving — I enjoy it all!

Travel: I spent a good chunk of time living and working on cruise ships, but my ideal version of travel is when I get to spend time living in a new place. My favorite so far? Brazil!

Dance: I’ve taken lessons in Ballroom & Latin dances since college and have even competed.

Games & Adventure: For real, yo. I used to work with kids & teens in summer camps and on cruise ships. Some of my fly-by-the-seat-of-your-imagination activities ended up being standardized programs across an entire fleet. And I still go all out when planning games (for example, I took my boyfriend on a day-long Adventure Date around Manhattan). Friends have started coming to me for inspiration when they’re trying to come up with a good date, wedding gift, or theme party.

Curious about what kinds of copy packages I offer?