3 Elements of a Client-Attracting Message (what you need to know if you’re tired of sounding like everyone else)
by Cheryl Binnie

Here’s what I’ve noticed…

There are a lot of business owners and service professionals out there who do very similar things.

And they don’t know how to talk about what they do in a way that makes them STAND OUT.

(You’ve probably noticed this, too.)

You walk into a networking or business event and immediately scan the room for a place to join in.

Over to the right, you see a small cluster of people just starting to introduce themselves and shake hands. Perfect.

You manage to side-slide your way into the circle just in time to hear the tail-end of one woman’s elevator pitch. . .

Hm. Sounds kind of similar to what you do.

Everyone smiles, nods and murmurs, “Wow, that’s great.”

The first woman then turns to the lady on her right and says, “And what do you do?”

Lady #2 laughs and says, “Actually, I do the same thing.” And she then gives an elevator pitch that sounds… well, it sounds exactly like YOURS. (Okay, maybe even better than yours.)

And all you can think is, “Ugh. Not again.”

Maybe you don’t mind meeting other entrepreneurs with a similar service. It can be fun connecting with someone who speaks your language and gets passionate about the same things you do.

But you’re tired of sounding like everyone else out there.

You KNOW that what you do is somehow different, but you’re not sure how to articulate that.

And what if your ideal client is somewhere in this room… and the other person (or people) with your elevator pitch find her first?

It’s the same story online, too. . .

  • You’ve seen countless websites that read exactly like your own.
  • You feel like every idea you have for an article has been written about a gajillion times already.
  • You join a new Facebook group full of women who are bound to be your ideal clients… only to discover 5 other people already in there, offering the exact same services you offer.

So what can you do?

How do you STAND OUT in a sea of people doing the same thing?

The answer, my dear, is three-fold…

First, you have to be super clear on your Point of View.

Your Point of View is your opinion about your particular topic. It’s your unique angle on it. And hopefully, it raises some eyebrows.

(For those of you think, but my angle ISN’T unique – I call baloney. You might have trouble seeing it because you’re so “in” it all the time, but it IS there.)

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Second, you need to know how your personal stories & life experiences influence what you do.

Because your history has absolutely shaped who you are, the things you’ve learned, and the way you do things.

(Now, I don’t mean to say that “we are our past.” Not at all. I fully believe you can release things from your past that limit you. What I mean, though, is that you have powerful stories and lessons to share that no one else can share in the exact same way.)

Third, you have to know what type of language attracts + inspires your ideal client.

Here’s the thing you have to remember – you’re on the other side of the problem that your ideal client is facing. You’ve already figured out the solution. That means you probably have a different vocabulary for talking about it.

But your ideal client might not resonate with (or even recognize) that vocabulary. You still have to speak her language, even while pulling in your own POV and stories.

The tricky thing is, it can be really hard to do that all on your own.

And I know how NOT being clear on these 3 things can hold you back in business – because it feels like, “What’s the point of speaking up if I sound like everyone else?”

So I’d like to give you a hand with that.

Let’s talk about it. For real. You + me, on the phone.

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In this call…

  • We’ll pinpoint the main thing that’s getting your way of speaking and writing about what you do. (Is it not knowing your POV? Needing help with your story? Not knowing what language attracts your ideal client?)
  • You’ll get clear on where you need to focus first, second, and third.
  • And you’ll get a game plan to get it figured out – so you can finally speak and write about what you do in a way that stands out + attracts your ideal clients.

Sound good?

Then grab your free Copy Luv Strategy Session with me now.

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