Let me tell you a story.

You might even call it a love story.

Once upon a time, there lived a smart, successful, strategic entrepreneur.
She was possibly a lot like you.

She loved her work.
Her clients adored her.
Her biz was on fire.

And she was ready to take it to the next level.

But something was holding her back.

See, she was running a business.

And in order to keep that business alive and growing, she had to spend a lot of time, energy, and brainpower on one big area in particular:


Emails. Landing pages. Sales pages. Opt-in pages. . . The writing to-do list never ended.

And it was hard. (They didn’t exactly cover “Sales Pages 101” back in high school English.) Sometimes she would be up until 11pm writing, and back up at 6am to finish it.

Not only was the writing hard, but the procrastination around the writing was hard, too. She scrambled to meet deadlines that she had set for herself, and her VA had to ping her repeatedly for late items.

And the worst part?

After all that brain-wracking & keyboard-slapping, it didn’t work.

  • The newsletters would go out. . . and no one would respond.
  • The promotional emails would go out. . . and no one would click through.
  • The beautifully designed sales page would go live. . . and no one would buy from it.

She was doing the work. But she wasn’t making enough money from it.

She watched wistfully as her colleagues filled their webinars just from their email lists.

She looked longingly at coaches who magically made money from a sales page.

And she knew she wanted that, too.


Our smart, successful, strategic biz owner decided to make a change.

She asked a few of her savvy entrepreneurial friends for advice and did a bit of searching.

And she found herself a secret weapon.

Hi. I’m Cheryl. And I’m your secret weapon.

I come in and help you get the writing done.

Everything from your unique message & point of view, to your…

…website copy

…Signature Story

…scripts for videos, webinars & speaking events

…emails (newsletters, promotional campaigns, and nurture sequences!)

…sales pages & launch material

…and more.

So you can shut down your computer at 6pm, and know that you’ll still have a draft for your sales page. You can cook dinner (and enjoy it), or go out with friends (and enjoy it), and know that your newsletter for tomorrow is ready to go.

And here’s what’s different about the way I work. . .

I don’t just make stuff up that “sells.” I don’t pull from Old School hypey marketing language. I don’t make you sound like someone you’re not.


What I do is listen to you.

During our sessions, I ask you questions like, “What does this really mean to you?” and, “Tell me a story about when you felt that way,” and “Is this how your ideal clients are talking about this issue?”

I give you permission to go deep and get authentic.

I pull out some of the greatest content that you didn’t even know you had in you.

So all of a sudden, your emails and your launches go from boring, shallow, and templated to passionate, authentic, and fun.

And THAT makes money.

Because I believe that copywriting is about so much more than writing.

It’s a deep dive into your soul and your truth, and putting THAT into all of your writing, and all of your touch-points with your audience.

I uncover your stories. The ones that your people have been waiting to hear.

And then I use my magic copywriting brain to put them together in a way that works for an online audience, in a way that gets people to take an action, click a button, or sign up.

So. . . Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

It could be love at first draft.