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8 Tips to Make Your Writing More Conversational (i.e. more human, authentic, and engaging!)

If you have a business (or plans to start a business), you’re probably aware that online marketing is kind of a big deal. And if you want to sell things online (whether that’s physical products, online courses, or virtual-or-in-person services), you also probably know you need to step up your writing game. Because having a… Read more »

Bullet Points: The Surprisingly Simple Copywriting Technique to Increase Sales (and Engagement)

Simple Copywriting Tricks: How to write a bullet list that fascinates, engages & increases sales

Y ou know those things called bullet lists? Where it’s a list… with bullet points? Like this: Bullet point A Bullet point B Bullet point C You might’ve heard other copywriters or internet marketers say you need to use them in your copy… Or maybe you’ve seen them on other people’s websites… But you may… Read more »